Beautify Black Business Project 


What is The BBB Project?

The Beautify Black Business Project will create a partnership between your business and my art, eventually culminating in a pop up shop blending music, art and culture together in one space for an unforgettable night.

Art by WhoisAndrea will Live Paint the night of the pop up shop as well as have merchandise available for purchase.

So what do you have to do to be involved?

Choose your favorite piece and size from any of my past collections here.

Once you have picked your painting, a reprint will be delivered for you to display in your business for 30, 60 or 90 days. After 30, 60 or 90 days we will work together to choose a date for the pop-up shop.


The pop-up shop will be a opportunity for people to get to know your brand through direct interaction with you and your product or service while I create a fun and artistic atmosphere.

You get to keep the beautiful signed artwork as a BBB Project Partner.


We handle the details!

You provide a date, time, and space. We handle the rest! We will bring all the painting supplies needed for the evening, take care of setup and tear down, and best of all, NO MESS. We only use non-toxic, acrylic paints that can easily be cleaned with just water.


What's in it for your venue?

- Exposure to a new customer base!

- Increased bar sales on traditionally slow nights –Drink specials are encouraged!
- Events last approximately 2 hours.
- We arrive 1 hour ahead of time to set up and stay 1 hour afterwards to clean up.

- We can also host your happy hour!


Promoting the Event

- Start date– will begin promptly after you choose your pop-up date. The sooner your event is officially listed, the larger the crowd you can expect.

- Promotional materials – Your logo, images and text to advertise your business. While we can obtain these from your website, originals are best to portray a professional appearance.


Invite Us Back

Regular events provide mutual benefit! We are more than happy to let you try us once. If all goes well, we may ask you to become a monthly host- same time, same place. Easy for everyone to remember and increases event traction and traffic. More exposure for us, more customers for you!


Want to host a Paint with Me event? Click here!